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Yellowtec Intellimix Desktop Mixer

Art.No.: 11729
Yellowtec Intellimix Desktop Mixer
digitaler Mini-Broadcast Mixer
5.938,10 €
Yellowtec Intellimix Desktop Mixer

Intelligent mixing reinvented.

Experience a whole new way of intelligent audio mixing. Yellowtec designed this unique masterpiece to simplify your daily work and stimulate your creativity. Be it media, audio production or video, you will discover amazing features.

Simpler and smarter – that’s our next generation Intellimix! 

Follow your intuition.

Equipped with the all new G-Touch© faders, Intellimix offers uncompromising usability. For on/off functions with the need for tactile feedback we get you sealed push buttons and a robust rotary control. In addition, a widescreen touch display offers immediate access to all properties. Choose your color scheme and select your preferred types of indicators.

Get your settings and selections done more intuitively than with any other GUI.

Get a feeling for the world's most advanced fader.

Once you've touched a G-Touch© fader, The revolutionary transformation of a mechanical fader, you will never want to go back. Let your fingers slide through a molded groove and enjoy exceptional precision and smoothness. Watch your faders' position on the LED bargraph and don’t miss out anything you liked about your mechanical fader.