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Marantz PMD 620 recording device

Art.No.: 10045
Marantz PMD 620 recording device
portable Recording device
Marantz Manufacturer: Marantz
299,00 €
Marantz PMD 620 recording device
Marantz puts the world of professional field recording within easy reach with the PMD620, a rugged yet lightweight digital recorder that doesn’t skimp on features or performance. The PMD620 fits comfortably in the palm of the hand and houses two high-quality electret condenser microphones and a monitor speaker, making it ideal for go-anywhere field recording application, such as interviews, podcasting, and meeting recording – even live music.
• True handheld portability with one-touch stereo recording
• Professional recording features and flexible file formats
• Digital recording with file size limited only by SD card capacity
• On-board editing and playback features
• Full inputs and outputs, including USB 2.0 connectivity