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DHD 52/TX Multitouch-Mixer BUNDLE!

Art.No.: 11713
DHD 52/TX Multitouch-Mixer BUNDLE!
multitouch Mixer with 2 Potentiometers
DHD Audio Manufacturer: DHD Audio
5.890,50 €
DHD 52/TX Multitouch-Mixer BUNDLE!

The 52/TX is a multitouch mixing console with an intuitive control interface for daily operation at news desks, in editing suites and in SNGs.

Its flat table-top design, with a 10.1" Multitouch Display, two assignable potentiometers and six hardware buttons, allows professional audio mixing on a small footprint.

With the integrated high-quality microphone input and headphone output, the most important connectors are available on the spot for telephone interviews or dubbing.

Featuring a built-in talkback microphone and loudspeaker, the 52/TX is also a perfect talkback unit or monitoring controller

One single network cable connects the 52/TX to a Core or Concentrator. It transmits all audio and control signals and also provides power for this device. The 52/TX can be operated with a maximum distance of 100 m from the Core.

With the Toolbox8 configuration software you can create the individual mixer layout that fits your workflow best. You can define number and size of faders, buttons with your required functions and, of course, peak meters to show signal levels. 

The 52/TX can be used with any of our DSP Cores, either as stand-alone mixing console or as extension for a larger DHD system.

  • developed for news desks, editing suites and SNGs
  • desktop control unit
  • 10" high-resolution multitouch display, IPS, capacitive touchscreen
  • 6 hardware buttons
  • 2 hardware potentiometers
  • professional microphone input, XLR
  • professional headphone output, XLR/6.3mm jack combo
  • integrated talkback microphone
  • integrated talkback loudspeaker
  • 1 APC port for connection to a DHD Core or Concentrator
  • slots for cable lock
  • VESA 100 hole pattern on the back

A 52/TX Bundle includes the complete hardware for a multitouch mixing console with up to 4 faders for broadcast applications. The package contains a 10" multitouch control unit (52-1156) and a 19" I/O and DSP unit.

The 52-1950 "Extended Feature Upgrade" License is also part of the bundle. This allows individual configuration customised to your workflow. A basic configuration is not included.

Every bundle comes with a 52-1335 Multi-I/O Box. Together with the inputs and outputs of the 52-1156 control unit, the following connectors are provided:

Interface typeNumberSpecifications
Microphone/line inputs     3  -77…+18 dBu sensitivity
Headphone outputs     3 stereo
Analogue line inputs     8  max. +24 dBu
Analogue line outputs     8 max. +24 dBu
Digital inputs, AES3/EBU     3  sample rate converter, stereo
Digital inputs, S/PDIF     1  sample rate converter, stereo
Digital inputs, USB     2  sample rate converter, stereo
Digital outputs, AES3/EBU     2  sample rate converter, stereo
Digital outputs, S/PDIF     1  sample rate converter, stereo
Digital outputs, USB     2  sample rate converter, stereo
General-purpose inputs (GPI)    10  opto coupler
General-purpose outputs (GPO)    10  photo mos relays
Analogue control inputs (ACI)     2  for external potentiometers