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Barix Instreamer Streamer

Art.No.: 10381
Barix Instreamer Streamer
audio converter and streamer
Barix Manufacturer: Barix
420,00 €
Barix Instreamer Streamer

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Audio over IP encoder with line level and S/PDIF audio inputs, low power, MP3 and PCM, u-law, and a-law support. Support for Multicast and operation as a shoutcast source.
The Instreamer 100 IP Audio Encoder reliably encodes an audio source into an MP3 or PCM audio stream using HTTP, RTP, UDP, or TCP protocols, including multicast support. It features a stereo line-level input as well as S/PDIF optical and coaxial inputs, headphone jack, and low power consumption. The device is ideally suited as a shoutcast source, analog source input for IP Audio distribution systems, and encoding device for an IP speaker background channel.



* Live IP Audio Encoding
* Residential, commercial and professional audio encoding / decoding (decoding requires an Exstreamer device)


* Audio stereo encoder for MPEG1&2 Layer3 (MP3, VBR support only), PCM linear and a-law, u-law, 8-48k sample rate support
* 10/100 Mbit Ethernet interface
* Wide range power supply input with low power consumption
* One RS-232 serial port
* IR decoding capability
* IR generation capability (for source control)
* Unbalanced stereo line-level input
* S/PDIF optical input
* S/PDIF coaxial input

Software applications available

Various application specific firmware packages with different feature sets are available and can be installed on Instreamer devices. Here is a partial list of available firmware packages:
* Generic IP Audio encoder with shoutcast/icecast source, metadata generation, including TCP, RTP, shoutcast, HTTP, multicast streaming interfaces
* Confidence monitoring encoder with under/over-modulation monitoring and SNMP trap alerts
* Security listening device, environmental audio monitor/encoding
* BGM/Music on Hold encoder for VoIP phone systems and paging systems

Typical software features (details in each software description) are:

* Streaming support with UDP, RTP, TCP, Multicast
* Browser based configuration and User Interface
* Control Interface via Serial, TCP, UDP, CGI
* User programmable in ABCL (Audio Barix Control Language, which is very similar to BASIC)