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BW DSP X-FM 4 Soundprocessor

Art.No.: 10024
BW DSP X-FM 4 Soundprocessor
FM Audio Soundprocessor
broadcastwarehouse Manufacturer: broadcastwarehouse
BW DSP X-FM 4 Soundprocessor
The BW DSPX is a new generation of digital audio signal processor that can be used for FM, NET and Digital radio broadcasting.
The DSPX is the first UK designed and manufactured digital multi-band broadcast processor. Using the latest multiband DSP technology the DSPX offers a versatile and powerful tool in creating a loud punchy on-air presence.

The DSPX has been designed and built from scratch using a new approach to the design of a digital audio processor that incorporates the most up to date components. Cutting edge technologies allow the DSPX to produce similar results to other processors in the market but in a simpler more cost effective way. The advances we have made have allowed us to pass the savings on to our customers.

What's Under the Lid?

The DSPX is driven by a fast 8 bit micro-controller which controls a vast array of specialised analog and digital circuits: These include 24-bit A/D and D/A converters, analogue level control circuitry, 18 x 24 bit DSP's, an ethernet port, a trigger port, 2 x RS232 ports, 200 LEDS (metering), an LCD screen, 2 sample rate converters, a headphone jack and memory devices to hold the software and firmware.

The Processing Architecture!

After input selection the 24-bit digital audio signal is passed through a wideband AGC processing block to normalize input levels. The output of the AGC feeds the EQ and audio shaping sections before being split into four bands by linear phase time aligned filters. The four bands are processed by a further four AGC'S before being fed to dynamic audio limiters on each band. Look ahead limiting and distortion cancelling clipping ensure your signal is kept to a strict maximum while maintaining crystal clear sound. A supersonic sample rate DSP stereo encoder provides MPX generation with fantastic stereo seperation.

The dual processing paths enable the DSPX to feed a digital radio service such as HD/IBOC/DAB or a webstream with a bit rate optimised look-ahead limiter while simultaneously processing for an FM analogue broadcast through distortion controlled clipping. In effect, two boxes in one. Comprehensive control of every processing parameter is available both via the front panel and by remote (computer) control.